How can VoteFlow better serve the needs of CTF? - (1 votes)

One of CTF's major goals is to build the "Worlds most Fun and Effective Democratic Web Platform" Even for internal communication, we are using a mix of Trello, FaceBook, VocalEyes and other systems - which is hard to keep track of.

Hopefully this can fufill our needs for internal communications as a first step towards the goal

Though there is still some way to go, We'd love for anyone to explore this space and give any kind of feedback. Bugs, Ideas, Complaints, Suggestions, Thoughts - Anything!

Ideally, Sign-Up for an account - request to join this group, and give your feedback as a comment! Have a look round, check out the feature request list or similar post

If you don't fancy signing up for an account and posting something, It'd still be great to hear from you.

try or the FaceBook group.

There are still loads of little things, like email notifications missing

And bugs (like in the text editor)

Also, loads of Ideas, like Using representation for signing petitions or even for finding work/workers/collaborators. Or comparing vote data to see how similar your views are to someone.

Please share your thoughts Feature Request list

chozabu @ Oct. 23, 2015

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